Country description "Argentina"

Argentina: Maradona (or Diego), the big medium rare steak on the BBQ (or l'Asado), the most beautiful girls of the world (or las chicas mas hermosas del mundo)...

But Argentina its also winter in the south when the north enjoys a summer weather, a huge country that enables to surf or snowboard all year long. The Andes offer 3000 kilometres of snow potential.

The country is getting better after the 2001-2002 crisis. And the devualation really strenghtened tourism.

Argentinians tend to scream when they watch soccer.
Quite similarly with Spain, Argentinians eat and party really late during the week end, dinner could take place around 10 - 11 pm and they would get to night clubs from 3-4 am.

Interesting stuff:

It is not possible to cross the chilian border with a rental vehicle.
L'heliboarding is prohibited.

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