Patagonia (Chubut)

Snow zone description "Patagonia (Chubut)"

The interesting thing we notice with Esquel and its region, it is the emptiness surrounding it: the desert of Patagonia with its so big "estancias" that we could easily hide a french singer pursued by the french taxes, sheeps (the famous cordero from Patagonia), and wind.
In a few words : beauty in the infinity...!

Travel within the zone "Patagonia (Chubut)"

To go to Esquel: - By plane: From Buenos Aires: a few flights during the week with Austral (Aerolinas Argentinas) and LADE. - By bus: From Bariloche: 5 hours. From Buenos Aires: 30 hours From Comodoro Rivadavia: 9 hours From Rio Gallegos (coming from Ushuaia):19 hours.

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