Snow zone description "Volcans"

" A volcano goes out a human being wakes up " .No need to wait the volcano to wake up because here volcanoes are still smoking! Who does not want to ski on a hillside which fidgets under the ski !

In fact, this zone is rather vast and contains the South of the centre region, and the region of the lakes (or Araucania.). Glaciers on volcanoes, lakes, very old trees forests , and small ski resorts to be run, just as much as their domains...

Travel within the zone "Volcans"

In Concepción, Chillán: - by plane: several daily flights from Santiago to Concepción. - by bus: Chillán can be easily reunited since Santiago (6 hours), since Concepción, since Temuco (4 hours) and since the Argentina (San Martin of los the Andes, Neuquen), via Temuco. In Temuco: By plane: Several daily flights from Santiago. 5 weekly flights since Neuquen (Argentina). By bus: Temuco is very well harmed and allows the access from the North (Santiago 11 hours, Chillán 4 hours) or from Argentina (San Martin of los the Andes 8 hours, Neuquen 13 hours). In Puerto Montt, Osorno: By plane: Puerto Montt and Osorno have daily connections to Santiago. Puerto Montt is connected to Argentina thanks to weekly flights as well.

Satellite Map