South Africa

Country description "South Africa"

South Africa rings like " Mundial 2010","Springboks", golf,but for the surfers it's the country of Grey Emslie, Travis Lojie, Ricky Bashett to name a few. A very attractive country, at the very end of Africa, between two oceans, it's Africa without being really Africa : the " Rainbow Nation" of Nelson Mandela.
Large beaches, rocky coves, mountains, vineyards,jungle and desert, animal parks in which you can meet the " big five" : the world in one country and a paradise for the surfer with a BUT though : the sharks. So be cautious,there are some nets but only in front of Durban. Get information, avoid deserted beaches, sunrise and sunset, river mouths after rains.
FRom the border with Namibia along the West coast the water temperature is coldish all the year long because of the Benguela current ( not higher than 20°), Cape Town boasts 40 breaks within one hour drive, then there is the "Eastern Cape" region and the South African Mecca of Jeffrey's Bay( J-Bay)with spots for all levels. The Indian Ocean is warmer ( 5 to 7° more) because of the tropical influence and there are some serious spots around Durban and in Kwazulu Natal.
A large range of accomodations is offered from camping sites and backpackers to up markets hotels and resorts.The country is famous for its insecurity but personnally I didn't have any problem. Black, White, Indian are living together but it will take time to wipe out the effects of the apartheid.