Destination description "Sanur"

Sanur is the up market alternative to Kuta. The former has a couple of good reef breaks while the latter has a long stretch of powerful beaches as well as close reef breaks. Kuta is lively whereas Sanur is nicknamed "snore". Expect to pay hire price in Sanur when you are looking for budget accommodation, restaurants and bars. Sanur is the departure point for Nusa Lembongan and co!

Travel Information "Sanur"

Again, it's Bali. So your options are thin and large at the same type. You can risk a Bemo, if you have time. You can grab a taxi, if you have more money. Or your rented car or motorcycle will do!
Within Sanur, you can walk on JL Danau Tamlingan, you won't miss anything!

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Spot quality potential Recommended level Spot characteristics
Grand Bali Right Protected spot