Mar de Cortes - Pacifico

Surf zone description

Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta : a " must" for "Spring Break" ! At this time of the year , crowds of siliconed, creatined kids from the States turn up to get plastered at Villa del Mar. Now, if it is your thing, make the most of it( you'll be walking on air )woof.... Yet let us be clear about it the Mecca of lust is more likely to be Cancun or Acapulco for the Yankees... But we'll deal with that later.

Travel within the zone "Mar de Cortes - Pacifico"

Depending where you come from : bright eyed and bushy tailed from Mexico city ? Ready for long distances ? Take a bus, it's a good way to get around (and to travel in Mexico in general). In Mazatlan district, there are a lot of rather well equipped marinas, popular with North American tourists and the bus network will allow you to get from place to place along the coast.