Coffs Harbour

Destination description "Coffs Harbour"

Although its not very attractive at first sight because on the Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour offers a lot of activities and oftn cheaper than elsewhere. It's not the city that young people fancy.
There are good surf spots around.

Travel Information "Coffs Harbour"

By car:
Coffs Harbour is about 6.5 hour drive from Sydney and 5 hour drive from Brisbane by the Pacific Highway.

To go around the city and surroundings, if you don't have your own car or van or whatever, we advise:
Kings Bros Bus ( or call 02 6652 2877) runs around the city.

Satellite Map

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Spot quality potential Recommended level Spot characteristics
Gallows Big wave spot
Macauleys Spot that holds big swells
North Wall Coffs Harbour Big wave spot
Park Beach Swell magnet