Destination description "Hobart"

Hobart is the leading town of Tasmania.
A really attractive city, do take a stroll on "Salamanca Place" to chill out and eat like a king.
Hobart is a gastronomic spot, don't leave without calling to
" Mures", the cheap canteen where you can follow the route of yoir fish to your plate

Travel Information "Hobart"

When arriving in Tasmania ( in Launceston, capital city or in Hobart) rent a car , you will be able to venture everywhere and I doubt there is any public transportation.
The island is not so big:
Launceston( half north)- Hobart : 3 hours

Satellite Map

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Spot quality potential Recommended level Spot characteristics
Cloudy Bay Spot that holds big swells
Coal Point Swell magnet
Shipstern Big wave spot
The Wedge Swell magnet