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Tickets in hand, board bag ready... You're coming to South West France. Estim, author of the most complete surf and snow travel guide on the Internet, now publishes the ultimate surf travel guide for you to get barreled in the best European beachbreaks and enjoy the great food and wild parties in Biarritz ( Basque Country), Hossegor ( Landes), to Lacanau ( Gironde)

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 surfing gironde  surfing hossegor

270 kms of coastline analysed for you

  • All the tips to plan and live an awesome trip
  • Detailed overview of the coastline from the Pointe du Verdon, Médoc ( Gironde) to Hendaye, Basque Country
  • Complete data about 65 surf breaks with pictures and maps.
  • Detailed tide, wind and swell data
  • Description of 26 surf destinations with photos, maps and access
  • The “things to do” when you can’t surf
  • The best places to go for a drink or a meal, to stay overnight or to repair your board
  • Estim Surf Travel guide " From South West with Love was Made by surfers for surfers

Estim's South West Surf Guide is the ultimate trip machine!

Surfing Landes Surfing Basque Country

Not just surfing... Lifestyle

  • The top 5 places to stay (surf camps, hotels, camp grounds, B&B...)
  • The top 5 surf shops
  • The top 5 places to eat
  • The top 5 places to go out / have a drink

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