Country description "Australia"

Australia is the Surfing Mecca!
A trip in this country will bring something to any surfer.
When superbanks connect Snapper Rocks and Kirra, it's the world longest wave, with multiple barrels and the fun of a fast and playful wave.
But you will have to deal with th crowd... In that case, you may start hunting the uncrowded waves of Australia, great climate and right handed point breaks in New South Wales, or bigger swells and colder waters in South Australia and Victoria. This leads you to the ultimate Surf Safari: Western Australia and its immaculate surf coastline.
You get it? Australia really offers you the thing you are looking for; whatever it is.
Regarding snowboard; let's be honest... Don't expect too much from Australia.
But keep the image of free BBQ's on the roads, laidback locals, funny animals... Grab your board, buy a car / a van and let's rock mate!

Satellite Map

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Surf zones
Number of destinations

Number of spots
Côte Sud New South Wales 6 0
Gold Coast (QLD) 4 20
margaret river 1 0
Mid North New South Wales 2 27
North New South Wales 3 6
Sunshine Coast 2 14
Sydney 5 10
Tasmania 5 28
Victoria 2 5
Western Australia 2 0