Nouvelle Zélande

Country description "Nouvelle Zélande"

Truly one of the most beautiful country in the world. In New Zealand you will pass through so many differents sceneries! North Island filled with old volcanos and bush is the best place to surf South Island is wilder, colder but worth the trip. You will move from jungle to glacier to stunning beach in less than 2 hours!. New Zealand with its 60 million sheeps and 4 millions people will give you the best welcome ever. It is one of the few remaining destination where you can still find breaks for yourself and even discover new breaks ( Westcoast of The South Island) Mountains in both North and South Island offers awesome lookouts and everything is done to satisfy the new generation of riders ( terrain Park...).

Satellite Map

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Snow zones
Number of resorts
Canterbury 4
Central North Island 2
Mackenzie 1
Wanaka 3