Country description "France"

Where to start? The good or the bad? Lets start with the most important: the food, the wine, the women. France remains on top of the bill when it comes down to cuisine. Same thing for its wines, although the country suffers heavily from stong competition driven by the "New World" countries. We do not feel the necessity to comment any further on its women. Go see for yourself. On the other hand, we must acknowledge that France probably is not the most welcoming European country for tourists.

Surfing wise, its the west coasts that offers by far the best opportunities, although it must be mentioned that the mediterranean coast offers quiet a few opportunities in low season.

The French Alpes probably offer the most challenging slopes of the whole European continent, while the Pyrenees, with miraculous climate deregulations, offer interesting opportunities as well.

Finally, France is a country of culture. Wherever you will go, from Paris to Bayonne, you will feel the continious history in everything that is done and that is about to happen...

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Surf zones
Number of destinations

Number of spots
Aquitaine 24 52
Bretagne 3 4
Charente maritime 4 12
Corsica 0 0
La Manche 2 0
Loire Atlantique 3 0
Méditerrannée 2 0
Vendée 2 6