Continent description "Europe"

The old continent...It includes the Alps with all the riding potential the massif is offering. The west coast goes from Irland to portugal and offers a beach breaks and point breaks interesting diversity, from warm to freezing waters...
But surfing, snowboarding and skiing in Europe also mean cultural clash; small countries stuck one to the others on a small continent. A large variety of lanscapes and climates.
In more details: about skiing and snowboarding there is much to enjoy and to have fun in the Alps and in the French Pyrenees. Furthermore, in Scandinavia there are unlimited opportunities on lower and less crowded massifs.
About surfing, there are waves all year long from Aquitaine to Portugal. If you are brave enough, you can go surfing perfect waves in Ireland in winter. The southern you go, the warmer.
Regarding riding side issues, it can turn out to be twice as high: you\'ll find easily where to stay as a paying guest in Portugal, but it\'ll be much harder down the skislops in Val-Thorens.

Satellite Map

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Number of spots

Number of resorts
Andorra 0 1
Austria 0 2
Belgium 0 0
Denmark 3 0
Ecosse 1 0
England 1 0
Finland 0 0
France 8 10
Germany 0 0
Ireland 6 0
Italy 0 0
Netherlands 3 0
Norway 7 2
Portugal 5 0
Spain 5 5
Sweden 0 0
Switzerland 0 2