Country description "Norway"

Norway can only be described as really cool! And then we do not only mean literally of course, because its true that it's frisky in all imaginable ways.

However, be careful if you plan to travel in Norway by car. Double your the initial time you planned for going from A to B: the distances are humongeous and driving fast is out of the question.

The surf in Norway is surprisingly consistent, as the coast line, with millions of little islands, offers many solutions to different swell orientations. Just bring along all the pieces of neoprene you can find! For those hitting the snow - there is pleeenty of snow in Norway.

Satellite Map

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Surf zones
Number of destinations

Number of spots
East Agder (Aust Agder) 1 1
More og Romsdal 3 4
Ostfold 2 1
Rogaland 0 0
Telemark 1 1
Vest Agder 3 5
Vestfold 2 1
Snow zones
Number of resorts
Sud-Est 0
Sud-Ouest 0