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Who never dreamed of going to Bali? This Indonesian island is not only a dreaming destination for surfers but is also going to delight you by its culture, its local people and its landscapes. Bali is a mythical and mystical destination from which you won't leave unscathed. Enjoy!

Travel within the zone "Bali"

Denpasar airport is internationally served and airfares are cheap both from Europe, Asia and Australia. Once you're there, ride your motorbike, rent your Suzuki Jimny for cheap or seat in a local taxi after having hardly bargained!!! Motorbikes: a local licence is highly recommanded (350 000 RPH), can be done at the police station. Ask for advice to local people, they might even come with you at the police station to avoid you to queue and pay more than you have to. Motorbike rental can be bargained for 25 000Rph/day. You'll find petrol everywhere, either in petrol station or along the road in glass bottles. Car: you need your international licence. The basic and cheapest car is the Suzuki Jimny, small 4wheeldrive and economic. Rental can be bargained for 80 000Rph/day and even cheaper if you take it for longer. Arrange it at the place you stay as they often have car and motorbike rentals. Local taxis: fares depend on distance, driver and your bargaining talent. You can go everywhere.

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