Dee Why

Destination description "Dee Why"

Dee Why is well located, not too far from the city because it is well connected by bus via Warringah Mall and by ferry from Manly. However, it is a lot calmer than the city, and Dee Why point + the beach breaks regulary offer good conditions.

A couple of shops, restaurants, bars makes Dee Why a good destination to stop at during a surf trip, on the road to the upper Northern Beaches of Sydney!

Travel Information "Dee Why"

The buses follow the coastline in the Northern Beaches.
From Sydney (city), you can catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Manly and then grab one of the buses departing from Manly Wharf.

It's worth noting that the car gives you more freedom, despite a really decent bus network.

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Spot quality potential Recommended level Spot characteristics
Curl Curl Spot that holds big swells