Country description "Chile"

Chile along with Argentina possesses this big advantage: they offer great ski and snowboard conditions in august!
Furthermore, Chile offers as many kilometres of ski runs as coasts; that is ; more than 4000 kilometres.

After the Argentinian economic crisis, Chile became the most prosperous country in South America. The cost of living is higher than in Argentina.

Apart from the "chili con carne" (which actually may be mexican), we eat "empanadas" and drink beer and wine.

It is forbidden to cross the boarder with a rental vehicle.

Unlike Argentina, heliboarding is legal in Chile, and many companies and ski resorts offer the experience.

Satellite Map

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Surf zones
Number of destinations

Number of spots
Central Chile 5 2
Snow zones
Number of resorts
Aisén 1
Santiago del Chile 5
Volcans 4