Country description "Madagascar"

Madagascar, a smell of spices and vanilla, a big island, bigger than France, smaller than Australia though, lying between Africa and La Réunion, where there are some spots too ( you will be fled there in case of serious accident).
The most famous spot is Lavanono ( surf camp)especially for its left. 70 km of sands and dunes at the Southest point of the island. Access is from Fort Dauphin with a 4WD. Two spots near Fort Dauphin but not the best ones,there are some interesting ones on the West coast between Anakao and Cape Ste Marie( June/September)and several oppornuties on the East coast too ( rights)at Sambava,Antahala, Mahambo, one spot at Ampanihy ( Ste Marie island), but beware, some sharks there.You can also try wind surfing, kite surfing,scuba diving, paragliding,trekking,climbing...
Not too many tourist coaches, but it will change... A lot of people seem to fall in love with Madagascar, several national parks there, lemurs are cute, and baobabs impressive. Life is cheap and Malagasies friendly. It's a very poor country, very poor roads and equipment. The " vahaza" ( white european) is very popular, but a safe country on the whole except in the capital, Antanarivo.