Continent description "Africa"

With its immense coastline, Africa will have to be a questions of choices for your surf trip!!! Estim\'s online surf and snow travel guide has been created to help you make the right choice and prepare the surf trip that best corresponds your style, the atmosphere, waves characteristics, accommodation and transport types you are after... When we think of Africa, surf is certainly more important than ski and snowboard, however, South Africa and Kenya offer a completely new snow experience! But above all Africa is a multitude of countries with extraordinary diverse populations and treasures.

Satellite Map

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Number of spots

Number of resorts
Angola 1 0
Canary Islands 4 0
Congo 0 0
Democratic Republic of Congo 0 0
Equatorial Guinea 0 0
Gabon 0 0
Ivory Coast 0 0
Madagascar 0 0
Maroc 1 0
Mauritius 2 0
Namibia 0 0
Reunion Island 3 0
Senegal 0 0
South Africa 0 0
Tunisia 0 0