Destination description "Lit-et-Mixe"

Lit-et-Mixe is a typical village from the South-West, who tries to capitalise on the increasing popularity of the region among tourists. With about 1500 permanent residents, the locals are outnumbered ten to one by tourists at least during the summer monhts.

With its daily markets, bi-weekly barbies and annual village celebration held at the end of July, the council tries to generate some life within the community. However, it must be acknowledged that most of the activities among tourists are being generated by the three large "family" campings sites that host the entire tourist population.

The local bar "The Challenge" therefore offers the only opportunity to wake up slowly with a good cup of coffee in the morning, or some good priced drinks in the evening. Besides the the weekly Toro Piscine Landais, the village offers nothing for those who seek some nightlife action.
Hence, Christian, owner of the Challenge, is always up for some crazy nights in his bar.

Travel Information "Lit-et-Mixe"

Lit-et-Mixe, like all other villages in the region, is poorly served by public transport. However, it isnt desperatly isolated either. There are several options on how to get there, although the best option definitely relies local friends who can pick you up from the nearby trainstations.

When travelling from the north (Bordeaux) there are two main options. First is the TGV to Dax, which approximately takes an hour to get there. Unless the Ferias are on, head straight away for the bus direction Mimizan as the bus only leaves twice a day!Check timetables on If you dont like the inland scenery, bring a book with you... the bus takes about 2 hours before it drops you of right in front of the local PMU.

In case you have any friends that can pick you up from the trainstation, take Morcenx into consideration. The train ride is a bit faster and the drive back home is quicker compared to Dax.

Once arrived in Lit-et-Mixe you should know that you are still 8ks away from the beach. The most courageous will take the bike, which is strongly advised not to do at 35degrees and with two surfboards under the arm. The smarter will smile friendly to the passing cars and ask for a lift, a generally well accepted practise during the summer months. There is no public transport to the beaches.

From the end of September untill the end of June this would not be the best option either, as the first passing car could occur after more then 30 minutes.

For those coming by car (good idea), the ideal route would be to get off the RN10 at Labouheyere. Watch out for the speeding controller under the bridge about 2kilometre before you get off the highway! Then following Morcenx, St Julien en Born, Lit-et-Mixe and you are there.

Finally, those going for a surf in the early summer morning and parking their car on top of the dune on the parking lot: make sure you are back before 10! Writing ridiculous parking tickets is the favourite activity of the local police officer!