Destination description "Siouville-Hague"

Siouville spot is one of the best spot in la Manche zone. Situated on the Cotentin peninsula, at about 20km from Cherbourg, it's a sandy spot very well opened to novices and/or occasional surfers.
Water quality is very high but due to the sand surfing is not possible when tide is ebbing.

A lot of surf events are organised through the year by the Cotentin surf club.

For further information, do not hesitate to ask people on the spot. Most of them will be very pleased to welcome you and to make you taste regional specialities .

Not to miss : Pont-Helland leasure park (fitness race, lake...), Siouville church.

Travel Information "Siouville-Hague"

By car :
Coming from "nationale 13" (Caen): after Valognes, take exit "St Martin Le Gréard / Flamanville / Delasse" going to road "Départementale 56". In St Martin le Gérard, join road "Départemantale 22" then to meet road "Départementale 650" en going to "Les Pieux". In "Les Pieux", take raod to Flamanville et Diélette (D23), and then Siouville-Hague (D4).
Coming from Cherbourg: take road "Départementale D650 going to "Les Pieux / Barneville-Carteret".

By train :
Cherbourg train station (Paris/Caen/Cherbourg line). You'll find a taxi station near the train station.

Departure times for Basse-Normandie are available on the SNCF website :