Destination description "Arendal"

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Travel Information "Arendal"

By train: there's a daily departure with NSB from Kristiansand (=> 1h50min) and from Olso (=> 4h30min).

By bus: Nettbuss Sor offers a daily departure from Kristiansand (=> 1h) and from Olso (=> 4h).

By plane:
- to Kristiansand (Kjevik international airport) then by bus to Arendal for all departures and arrivals
- to Oslo (Gardemoen international airport) then take a train or a bus to Oslo city, and choose the way you prefer to link up Arendal.

Satellite Map

Spot quality potential Recommended level Spot characteristics
Tango (ou Hove) Spot that doesn't produce a lot of swell